Scrap & Demolition


We are very proud to supply the greatest scrap and demolition equipment brand in the world. When you choose Cat®, you won’t ever have to guess whether your equipment will perform reliably in incredibly demanding conditions. Cat equipment has been designed to achieve superior productivity, safety, reliability, serviceability, comfort, resale value, and overall owning/operating costs. Likewise, with over 35 types of attachments—the widest selection in the industry—choosing Cat and T&E will ensure that your machines achieve optimal versatility.

However, superior equipment is only part of what we offer. When you partner with T&E, you’ll have 12,000 years of combined experience at your disposal, dedicated to making sure your business succeeds every day. We’ll help you drive more dollars to your bottom line with unrivaled parts, service, and rental support, industry-leading technologies and technical expertise, sophisticated equipment management solutions, incredibly flexible financing options, attractive consignment services, and convenient 24/7/365 parts ordering.

We offer a greater breadth of products and services than any of our scrap, demolition, and material handling competitors because we know how tough your day-to-day business is. When you partner with us, we can together tailor the right mix of solutions to optimize your operator and job-site productivity, manage your assets, improve your safety performance, lower your operating costs, and ultimately increase your profits.

Please contact us today to begin, or to continue, a successful partnership.

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