Electric Power

  • Specs Summary
  • Rating
    1475 ekW Continuous
  • Frequency
    50/60 Hz
  • Voltage
    230 - 480 V
  • Standby Run Time (Full Load)


In addition to improved fuel efficiency, the next generation XQ1475G rental generator provides significant power density advantages. Caterpillar developed new exhaust stacks that reduce spacing requirements for sites requiring multiple units. This allows for an increase of 47 percent on-site power density over the previous capabilities.

Fuel/Emissions Strategy

Meets most worldwide emissions requirements down to 500 mg/Nm3 NOx level without after treatment (contact factory for applications requiring 0.5g/hp-hr performance)

Single-Source Supplier

  • Generator set manufactured in ISO 9001:2000 compliant facility
  • Package factory designed and production tested
  • Generator set and components meet or exceed the following specifications:AS1359, AS2789, BS4999, DIN6271,DIN6280, EGSA101P, JEM1359,IEC 34/1, ISO3046/1, ISO8528, NEMA MG1-22

Worldwide Product Support

  • Cat® dealers provide extensive post sale support including maintenance and repair agreements
  • Supported 100% by the Cat dealer with warranty on parts and labor

Cat G3516C Island Mode Gas Engine

  • Compact, four-stroke-cycle gas engine provides exceptional dependability, fuel economy and power density
  • Robust kilowatt based air to fuel ratio control system yields enhanced system performance
  • Designed for maximum performance on low pressure pipeline natural gas of 3-7 psi (0.21 kg/cm² - 0.49 kg/cm²) to the container with a methane number range of 55-100 (contact factory for methane numbers <55)
  • Island mode feature improves engine’s capability to handle electrical loading and unloading

Reduced Environmental Impact

  • 110% spill containment of onboard engine fluids
  • Positive crankcase fumes ventilation

Cooling System

  • Horizontally mounted radiator with vertical discharge
  • Sized compatible to rating with energy efficient electric drive fan and core.
  • Provides 40C (104F) ambient capability with 500 mg/Nm3 NOx (1g/hp-hr) at 100% continuous rating before derate
  • Variable frequency drive fan controls improve partial load fuel consumption

Cat Generator

  • Cat SR4B 826 frame generator designed to match the performance and output characteristics of the Cat gas engine
  • Double bearing, wye-connected, static regulated, brushless, permanent magnet excited

On Package Control Panel System

  • Provides auto paralleling using package mounted controls
  • EMCP 4.2 offers engine and generator monitoring and protection
  • PL1000E Controller
  • Engine Advisor Panel
  • AGC-4 provides paralleling, load sharing, VFD control, and primary generator protection
  • Intertie protection provided via utility grade Basler BE1-11i utility multi-function relay (UMR)

Digital Voltage Regulator (Cat DVR)

  • Three-phase sensing with adjustable volts-perhertz regulation
  • Provides precise control and constant voltage in the normal operating range.

Sound Attenuated Container

  • Provides 9-high stack CSC rated enclosure for ease of transportation and protection.
  • Meets 72 dB(A) at 15 meters or below per SAE J1074 measurement procedure at continuous rating


  • Rating 1475 ekW Continuous
  • Voltage 230 - 480 V
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz



Standard Equipment


  • Cat G3516C Island Mode Gas Engine (Operates on 31.5 to 47.2 MJ/Nm3 (800 to 1200 btu/ft3) dry pipeline natural gas) .


  • Double bearing SR-4B brushless, form wound, permanent magnet excited, three-phase with Cat digital voltage regulator (Cat DVR), space heater, 6-lead design, Class H insulation operating at Class F temperature for extended life, winding temperature detecto

Containerized Module

  • 40' ISO high cube container, 9-high stack CSC certified.


  • Standard cooling provides 40C (104F) ambient capability with 500mg/Nm3 NOx at 100% Continuous.

Generator Controls and Protection

  • Controls provide auto paralleling AGC-4 controller, CAN-bus, ethernet comm, PWM and analog outputs, legacy analog load sharing; includes PL1000E gas engine Advisor panel for operational/diagnostic information; cabinet houses shore power transformer, dis

Optional Equipment

Utility Multi-Functional Relay

  • Intertie protection provided via utility grade Basler BE1-11i


  • 3-axle chassis
  • Ladders, handrails, internal storage provisions