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Challenger Tractors

Designed to dominate, Challenger® tractors from Tractor & Equipment Co. are uncompromising in even the toughest farming environments. They power through demanding conditions with industry-leading power, the latest technology and unbeatable cab comfort.

Tractor Equip Challenger Mt500 E

MT500E Series

Designed for power, reliability and easy operation, the Challenger MT500E Series from Tractor & Equipment Co. gives you the ability to lug implements, bale hay and more.

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Tractor Equip Challenger Mt600 E

MT600E Series

Challenger MT600E Series high horsepower tractors are built for tough terrain with the extra torque you need for high capacity and high performance in the field.

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Tractor Equip Challenger Mt700

MT700 Series

Challenger MT700 Series track tractors feature the revolutionary AccuEngineering™ platform to give you enhanced technology, exceptional comfort and increased profitability.

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Tractor Equip Challenger Mt700 E

MT700E Series

Boasting an improved design, Challenger MT700E Series tractors provide you with maximum adjustability for row-crop applications and unsurpassed comfort in the field.

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Tractor Equip Challenger Mt800 E

MT800E Series

Our largest and most powerful track tractor, Challenger MT800E Series tractors have the massive torque you need to power through the toughest applications.

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Tractor Equip Challenger Mt900 E

MT900E Series

Make short work of any big job with Challenger MT900E Series special application tractors. They feature a massive frame that allows for unmatched lugging ability.

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Tractor Equip Challenger 1000

1000 Series

The intelligent Challenger 1000 Series fixed-frame tractor accomplishes the work of two tractors with the ability to take on complex row crop applications and heavy tillage work.

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