Tractor Equip Challenger Hay Overview 960x217

Challenger Hay Equipment

Got tough hay fields? Unleash the power of Challenger® hay equipment from Tractor & Equipment Co. From balers and windrowers to disc mowers, Challenger hay machines deliver high capacity and a host of innovative features to tackle every hay job.

Tractor Equip Challenger Hay Wr

Self-Propelled Windrowers

Challenger self-propelled windrowers help you produce quality hay faster and more efficiently with greater precision, less fatigue and lower operating costs.

Tractor Equip Challenger Hay Draper Header

Draper Headers

Cut a more impressive swath with adjustable Challenger draper headers, which let you position the swath to the center, right or left of the header for double swaths.

Tractor Equip Challenger Hay Disc Header

Disc Headers

Featuring the industry-exclusive, low-profile RazorBar™ cutter bar, Challenger disc headers let you increase your acres and handle higher loads while cutting closer and cleaner.

Tractor Equip Challenger Hay Sickle Header

Sickle Bar Headers

Get a smooth, clean cut with Challenger sickle bar headers. They feature the exclusive TwinMax™ Advanced Conditioning System for faster-drying, higher-nutrient hay.

Tractor Equip Challenger Hay Lsb

Square Balers

For high-quality, high-density square bales, choose an innovative Challenger small or large square baler, or beef up your commercial hay operation with the 2370 Ultra HD.

Tractor Equip Challenger Hay Rb

Round Balers

Raise the bar on your hay production with Challenger round balers. They’re completely redesigned to deliver more dependable performance and produce better bales.

Tractor Equip Challenger Hay Mower Cond

Mower Conditioners

Mow the way you want with Challenger disc mower conditioners. Its center pivot design allows you to move anywhere and mow quickly with just the flick of a switch.