336 Excavator

  • Specs Summary
  • Tier 4 Bare Chassis Weight without Hoist
  • Tractor ROPS
  • Nominal Water Tank Capacity
    52000 gal (US) (198840 l)
  • LRC Gross Vehicle Weight (Target) with Hoist

793F Mining Truck

Caterpillar offers partial machines and systems, working with Cat dealers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to provide specialty machines for specific applications. Bare chassis trucks (WTR models) can be ordered with or without hoist cylinders and most product options are identical to the dump truck models. Typically, these models come equipped with the higher Tractor ROPS certification ratings needed for specialty machines including water trucks, tow tractors and fuel and lube trucks. You'll find these partial machine configurations are used in construction, demolition, waste, material handling, and mining industries and allow you to purchase complete solutions froom your Cat dealer, using Cat equipment every step of the way.

  • Nominal Water Tank Capacity 52000 gal (US) (198840 l)

Standard Equipment

For bare chassis standard and optional equipment, please reference the 793F Off-Highway Truck. For more information on 793F WTR Bare Chassis options, please contact Caterpillar OEM Solutions at <a href="mailto:oemsolutions@cat.com">oemsolutions@cat.com</a>.

Optional Equipment