336 Excavator


Caterpillar Grapples replace the bucket on Caterpillar Excavators, converting them to the ideal machine for handling loose material, sorting trash, and demolition site cleanup. An array of styles and sizes are available to match Excavators to the task at hand.

Trash Grapples

Trash Grapples are ideal for light-duty land clearing, trash handling, brush and rubbish cleanup, and job site cleanup.

Image Model Rated Capacity Weight Upper Jaw Width
Trash Grapple, 315/316/318 Excavators 2.4 yd³ 2000 lb 44 in Details
Trash Grapple, 319/320/321 Excavators 3.6 yd³ 2840 lb 44 in Details
Trash Grapple, 324/328/329 Excavator 5 yd³ 4569 lb 47 in Details
Trash Grapple, 324/329/336 Excavator 6 yd³ 5001 lb 51 in Details
Trash Grapple, 336/345/349 6.58 yd³ 6174 lb 62 in Details

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