336 Excavator


Cat Pulverizers are ideally suited for rapid, non-explosive demolition applications. High-performance designs make short work of buildings, silos, bridge abutments and other concrete structures.

Secondary Pulverizer

A Secondary Pulverizer offers wide jaws with pick-up tips, large opening, reversible cutting edges and fast closing times that bring a high return on your investment. This high force-to-weight work tool has been specially developed to reduce the largest possible amount of concrete in the shortest possible time.

Image Model Closing Force - Tip Closing Force - Rebar Cutter Capacity - Concrete Thickness
P215 Pulverizer 117 Sh Ton 226 Sh Ton 26 in Details
P225 Pulverizer 171 Sh Ton 326 Sh Ton 29.5 in Details
P235 Pulverizer 187 Sh Ton 387 Sh Ton 35.4 in Details

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